Weight Gain Diet At Home

Many different methods are chosen people in losing weight. Low-fat diet and a diet low in carbohydrates, often debated about which is better for weight loss.
Weight Gain Diet At Home
Some dieters diet believe that by reducing the sources of carbs are better than low-fat diets. Meanwhile, most other dieters maintain a low-fat diet by reducing consumption of red meat, milk, and other fatty foods.

But is it true that in between two such methods there is a more effective method?

As quoted from the website of Time, long-term research conducted by Christopher Gardner, Director of nutrition research at the Stanford Prevention Research Center, against 600 people obese or overweight. They consist of age 18 to 50 years old.

Gardner asked for half of the respondents to reduce the number of carbohydrates eaten or diet low carbo. Then, ask them again to reduce consumption of fatty foods or low-fat diet.

After a year, the results of this study are quite varied. There are people who managed to lose around 30 kg, but there is also her weight even gain 10 kg.

But overall, the study showed no significant difference generated by the two methods of the diet.

These two methods to lose weight with the average amount that is almost the same. Low-fat diet lowers average about 5.5 kg. Meanwhile, the low-carb diet lowers average about 6.5 kg.

Cook it yourself at home
In addition, Gardner also mentioned the possibility of a connection between a person’s genetic factors with diet method that suits the person. However, after doing research on genetic tests, whose hypotheses are not proven.

“Wouldn’t it be a great help if only a simple genetic test can determine which diet method that suits you? But unfortunately it has not proved to be influential, “explains Gardner.

Gardner also explained that the success or failure of a person in the exercise of a weight loss program is actually depending on the habit himself.

He also said the most successful dieters, regardless of what method are they living, are those who managed to get used to eating more carefully. In addition, more often Cook themselves at home and pay more attention to all the food that they eat.

“Applying these habits will be more useful than distinguishing between a low-fat diet and low carbohydrate diet. They just need to be careful with food consumed, “explains Gardner.

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