Kitchen Design Inspiration

The design of open space in communal spaces currently adopted by most of the interior of the House. Because the open Setup, it gives the impression of a fresh, spacious and bright in the room.

Floor plan customarily open spaces bring together a living room, a kitchen, and a dining table in a comfortable and functional area.

Due to the transparent, paced the kitchen should always be laid out neat and clean. Confused as to how to organize a kitchen so that it looks tidy and blend in with the room? will share aspirate from the interior designer who makes a living and cooking area so harmonious spaces.

The importance of details
small kitchen design ideas and inspiration
Architect Robert Wilson chose the furniture and accessories in detail so that this multifunctional space has a contemporary style that resonated. Just look at the row of chandeliers that are in the kitchen area.

Though simple, yet gives the visual appearance of the fresh in the kitchen space. Separation spaces can also be done with the selection of different types of light between the kitchen and family room.

Light and bright
inspiration for kitchen design
For those of you who have the main room with wide, for the room into three areas in accordance with their respective functions. The left is the kitchen with kitchen set, followed by the dinner table is simple and relaxing family area.

Make the backyard as green background a natural wall. Simply by placing a thick glass wall as a demarcation of space.

Unifying design
kitchen design inspiration ideas
The concept of an open plan not only gives a separate zone in one room wide but also make it look to complement each other. This room is the work of designer Carlton Architecture and capable of realizing the DesignBuild concepts open plan perfectly.

Color selection of furniture and flooring that is between the kitchen and the dining table makes both look very harmonious.

Natural approaches

Untuk Anda yang memiliki kolam ikan atau kolam renang mini di belakang rumah, jangan sia-siakan pemandangan indah untuk dibagi ke dalam ruangan.

Desainer Wendy Perring berusaha memaksimalkan koneksi antar ruang indoor dan outdoor dengan menggunakan dinding kaca. Kesan open space semakin terkesan lega dan memberi stimulus relaksasi ketika merasa dekat dengan pemandangan alam.